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On Location: You've Been Framed!

Meet the man who tweaks viewers' clips for Granada Television's programme of home-video mishaps.


Film-making techniques: shot length

How much footage need you shoot (more isn't always better)? How long should a shot last? We take you through the long and short of it.


On Location: with a BBC make-up designer

It takes years of experience before you can reach BBC standard. We get some tips from Julie Vincent.


Capitol cinema: the former home of ABC Television in Didsbury

This historic building stood on the corner of Parrs Wood Road and School Lane.

Capitol Building, Didsbury, Manchester. Formerly ABC Television Studios


'Camcordski': a spoof Russian camcorder

How to worry well-known consumer electronics companies, using everyday kitchen rubbish, black paint and rub-down lettering.


Behind the scenes photos of filming on the Granada Television series Sherlock Holmes, in August 1984. Coming Soon

Granada Television's Sherlock Holmes - behind the scenes

An exclusive photo feature. Location pictures from August 1984.

They show cast and crew filming the Sherlock Holmes episode 'The Final Problem', on location in Manchester, at Tatton Hall in Cheshire and on the Baker Street set at Granada TV.

Most never published before and exclusive to


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